Rotary International is a worldwide assembly of individuals who are connected by their commitment to service.  From promoting health, peace, and education to eradicating polio, Rotary International unites people of action to create lasting change through programs funded by The Rotary Foundation.
With this as the basis of commitment for all Rotary Clubs, the Rotary Club of Harwich-Dennis (District 7950) (  is working with the Rotary Club Warsaw Wilanów International ( to support their on the ground efforts in Ukraine and Poland. 
The Rotary Club of Harwich-Dennis is committed to supporting their efforts with a fundraiser that will help them purchase what they need to give humanitarian aid.  The fundraiser will take place online beginning Wednesday, March 16th thru Saturday, March 26th.  The monies raised will be sent to the Rotary Club Warsaw Wilanów International for immediate humanitarian aid.
The Rotary Club of Harwich-Dennis has been in conversations with the Rotary Club Warsaw Wilanów International.  On Sunday, March 13th, their President wrote:
“We are currently organizing with our Rotarian friends in Germany a load of medical supply to be taken from Germany (there it is available) directly to Lviv. The goods are for local hospitals treating civilians and soldiers in emergency which are wounded due to attacks. Such transports have been done already successfully. The remaining funds – if any will not be used for this - we allocate to refugees which crossed the border to Poland. We believe the refugees reaching Poland are taken care of in the best possible way, while those left in Ukraine suffer tremendously.  We are working in a tight cooperation with Lviv International Rotary Club which coordinates the demand needed at the Ukrainian side. We are organizing the purchase and transport through Freunde helfen Konvoi - Team Dresden.   Donations we collect and purchases made are handled through Rotarian in Germany Christopher Johren. We deliver all purchases to a warehouse in Przemysl at the Polish/Ukraine border which is owned by a Rotarian from Lviv International Club. From there we send the aid to Ukraina.”
To make a donation, go to the Rotary Club of Harwich-Dennis website - (  If you have any questions, feel free to email Mary Taylor at or Barbara Amidon at
Follow both Rotary Clubs on Facebook for updates on the efforts in Ukraine.